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This is fuel for your podcast rocketship!

Podcastboost - Evaluate

Evaluating Your Needs

Together, we will evaluate your goals and business needs to determine how to best leverage a podcast to achieve those goals.

Podcastboost - Create

Creating The Resources

Once we determine how a podcast aligns with your goals, we create the name for your show, the logo, the messaging, and everything necessary for a successful project.

Podcastboost - Modify

Modifying The Message

Before launching, we will work together and record several shows to listen to in order to review, test and tweak for total show optimization. This way, we are not only satisfying you, but also your listeners and future community as well.

Podcastboost - Boost

Launching Your Podcast

Once we've perfected the concept of your show, we'll take all of the amazing content that you've created and launch your show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all of the major podcast platforms!

The 6 - Week Launch Formula

This is the 6 week Podcast Boost plan to get your show in front of your audience in the most spectacular way possible. 

Week 1

Getting Your Podcast Started

Week 1 is our planning phase.

Here we’ll define and refine our audience, brainstorm names and check for existing podcasts with similar names to minimize confusion.

We will talk about the show format, and we will begin to visualize our artwork. Finally, we will round it out with an equipment list.

Rocking the foundation

Staging the platform

Week 2 & 3

Record & Edit Your Podcast

Week 2 & 3 will focus on the technical side of podcasting. What software do you need? How do we connect your gear? Where can you find royalty free music?

Then we will spend time reviewing the editing process and discuss the advantages of hiring an editor.

Lastly, we’ll discuss a workflow and file organization structure for your show including promotional guest images, soundtracks, sound effects and more.

Week 4 & 5

Getting Your Podcast Started

Week 4 & 5 will cover details of the show. We’ll focus on writing show notes and leveraging those notes for optimized podcast SEO.

We will find the perfect media host to host your show files such as your mp3 and image files and we will evaluate and hone your interview and guesting skills.

We’ll finish week 5 by streamlining your workflow including scheduling your content in bulk for release at a later date.

Streamlining the launch

Blasting Off

Week 6

Launch Your Podcast!

Week 6 is party time!

We’ll put everything we’ve learned into action by finalizing your intro episode and building your episode bank.

Next, we’ll talk marketing tactics and refine your call to action, then hit that LAUNCH button!!

Lastly, the discussion will cover strategies for building a consistent content plan by leveraging a variety of online tools and applications as well as ongoing monetization strategies.


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