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Getting Started with Podcasting

Where do you Start?

If you haven’t heard of podcasting yet, then I’m guessing you live on a mountain top or maybe on a deserted island. But, if you haven’t heard of them, that’s alright. They’re just the greatest, most versatile form of media available right now.

Figuring out the use of a podcast

A Podcast, What’s the Point?

You heard the news that podcasting is the latest and greatest thing since spray on hair (yes, it’s real), and you jumped on the bandwagon. Now, you find yourself with a microphone, a recording device and a fancy set of headphones but

What is a podcast?

Why do you Need a Podcast?

The definition of a podcast doesn’t exactly scream “you need me!” to the unfamiliar on either end of the podcast spectrum. You may not understand the benefits of a podcast and listeners may not know the benefits of listening to your podcast.