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Did you know that over 68 million people listen to podcasts every week in the U.S. alone?  With the listening base increasing 20% year after year, there has never been a better time to jump into this new and exciting opportunity to share your story, establish your brand and reach your audience!

Sure, it can be a little overwhelming to get started, if you are new to the idea of podcasting and audio branding!  But, there’s no need to think it’s too complicated or too technical or just flat out too scary to record your voice for all to hear!

Some of your questions may be…

What equipment do you need? 
How do I reach an audience?
How can I write a plan for podcasting success?

Don’t be afraid of the questions!  Podcast Boost has got you covered on every front, and much, much more!!

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Reach for the Stars and Your Audience!

A Podcast for Success, Customized for You

Discover the 6 week PodcastBoost launch package, where we will work together get your podcast setup and launched using proven industry techniques and specific strategies to help you reach your ideal audience.  Let your voice be heard around the world with a professional, crystal clear and authentic message that will grow your audience.

I’m happy to work with you in hour-long sessions to support you on any of the topics below as well.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch for whatever you need.

Defining Your Audience

We will work together to define your audience, establish branding, determine show format and establish your goals.

Simplify Technical Requirements

Discuss and determine the technical requirements for your show including equipment and software solutions.​

Establish your Podcast Workflow

Prepare a system for growth by determining frequency, length and optimum release days with an emphasis on consistency.

Develop your A+ Presentation

Refine the details of recording, mic technique, basic intro to audio. We'll determine artwork direction and determine the podcast media host that best serves your needs.

Prepare you for Success

We will discuss editing option and cover editing basics and we will discuss various monetization strategies.

Provide Custom Support

Whatever your podcasting needs are, I will walk you through the best solution for your personal needs and goals.

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The Man, the Myth, the Legend

I'm Larry Roberts

For the last 25 years I have been a coach and facilitator in multiple arenas covering multiple disciplines. I’ve trained people in corporate soft skills, facilitated technical and sales training seminars and taught martial arts. My earlier work has given me the tools to be a successful podcaster, speaker and top rated international facilitator.

I thrive on sharing knowledge and empowering people to achieve their own goals. It’s why I wrote 1+1=Podcast, a No. 1 Best Selling Book, and created 2 courses with over a 1000 students in 51 countries. And, most importantly, it’s why I created – to help you build your brand and establish your influence using the power of your voice and by leveraging social media.

Although I specialize in all things podcasting, I can also fix you up with all of your podcast graphic needs as well as produce professionally voiced intros and outros for your show!  If you are here from reading an article I recently published, heard me speaking as a guest on a podcast, holding court in Clubhouse room or speaking on a live stage, I want to say welcome!

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Getting Started with Podcasting

Where do you Start?

If you haven’t heard of podcasting yet, then I’m guessing you live on a mountain top or maybe on a deserted island. But, if you haven’t heard of them, that’s alright. They’re just the greatest, most versatile form of media available right now.

Figuring out the use of a podcast

A Podcast, What’s the Point?

You heard the news that podcasting is the latest and greatest thing since spray on hair (yes, it’s real), and you jumped on the bandwagon. Now, you find yourself with a microphone, a recording device and a fancy set of headphones but

What is a podcast?

Why do you Need a Podcast?

The definition of a podcast doesn’t exactly scream “you need me!” to the unfamiliar on either end of the podcast spectrum. You may not understand the benefits of a podcast and listeners may not know the benefits of listening to your podcast.

Podcastboost Article Image - Overcoming Podcast Comparanoia

Overcoming Podcast Comparanoia

Comparanoia® may not be a word that you are familiar with but it is most likely a feeling that you can relate to. It’s a feeling that strikes, more often than not, directly after coming in contact with a large gathering of our peers.